It all started with a silly contest...

We might as well get this started on the right foot. The is the epic video that is taking the world by storm. I actually watched this and forwarded it to a friend when it had just over 300 views! Rhett and Link are geniuses, and when they suggested that their fans should suggest a song title with only five words you just knew that they would strike gold. If you happened to view this on your phone or iPad you owe it to yourself to experience it on a PC. Why? Because there are a BUNCH of "Easter Eggs" hidden throughout the video that take you to private videos. They include outtakes, behind the scenes footage and even an interview with the Steam Punk guy. Speaking of behind the scenes, here's a great behind the scenes video of "Making of Rub Some Bacon On It" titled "Secrets of Rub Some Bacon On It":

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